KPD: Transient killed with a hatchet, one person has been arrested

KINGMAN, ARIZ.– Police have arrested a 28-year old man for killing a transient with a hatchet. The victim’s body was found yesterday, wrapped in plastic, at the home of the suspect, Joshua Matthew McCoy. He told detectives he had planned on burying the body under his backyard porch.

Kingman police detectives went to McCoy’s residence in the 3100 block of N. Prescott St. yesterday afternoon after they were told about the murder, which had occurred two days earlier. They were told that the body of the deceased man was being kept in the garage of the home.

Detectives made contact with McCoy and discovered the deceased body. A Kingman justice of the peace issued a search warrant for the residence and it allowed officers to collect evidence at the scene.

McCoy lives at the residence with his girlfriend, but investigators do not believe she was involved in the murder.

The victim is apparently a transient that the couple allowed to live at their house. Last week, they told the 61-year old man that he could live in their garage and work on repairing his vehicles. The victim had reportedly been removed from a local homeless shelter.
The living arrangements became contentious, leading to an argument on Tuesday. McCoy had reportedly told the homeless man that he needed to leave. A fight reportedly broke out during the argument, prompting McCoy to grab a hatchet and use it to strike the victim in the head several times, killing him.

The name of the victim will be released once his next of kin has been notified. A Kingman police department spokesperson said the victim was a transient with no other connection to the Kingman area. They believe he may have travelled from Phoenix.

McCoy reportedly admitted to his involvement in the victim’s death and was booked into the Mohave County Jail on a single count of second degree murder.

Reps. Borrelli and Cobb criticize Supervisors at Tri-City Council meeting

BULLHEAD CITY– Two of Mohave County’s elected representatives at the state legislature were highly critical of the three county supervisors that have voted to increase property taxes to cover an anticipated budget shortfall next year during yesterday’s Tri-City Council meeting in Bullhead City. District 3 Supervisor Buster Johnson, (R-Lake Havasu City) took most of the flack suggesting taxpayers be sent a letter, blaming state lawmakers for the county’s property tax increase.

“It is disingenuous to blame the state legislature for raising property taxes in Mohave County,” said Rep. Sonny Borrelli, (R-Lake Havasu City), during yesterday’s meeting in Bullhead City.

Borrelli claimed that he and fellow District 5 State Representative Regina Cobb, (R-Kingman), ‘went to the mat” for Mohave County during this year’s budget negotiations during the legislative session in Phoenix. He said, the two lawmakers went to great lengths to ensure the impact of the cost-shifts were as minimal as possible, but added, they were hindered by the amount of money the county keeps in reserve.

“When the county came to us and told us what they needed, we went to bat for them,” Borrelli said, “but when the JLBC (Joint Legislative Budget Committee) came back to us and said (Mohave County) was sitting on $30 million in unrestricted cash, you lose your negotiating power.”

The criticism from Cobb was no less relenting.

“The counties came to us and wanted flexibility to shift money from their funds to try and minimize the impact,” Cobb said. “We fought for them and got that for them.”
“For them to turn around now and say the tax increase is necessary because of the shift is ridiculous,” she added.

There is also some dispute as to how much the cost-shift will cost Mohave County. Johnson claims the added costs to Mohave County is around $7.5 million. Borrelli told those at Wednesday’s meeting that the real cost shift was closer to $1.2 million.
“We were asking for a one-time cost-sharing adjustment in this year’s budget,” Borrelli said. “We asked everyone, cities, towns and counties. We made it so that it would have as little impact as possible and should have been easily covered with existing resources.”

Johnson has asked for an item on Monday’s Board of Supervisors agenda to authorize a letter be sent to taxpayers explaining the property tax increase is a direct result of the cost shifts.

Supervisors chairman Steve Moss and Dist. 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius also participated in the discussion during the Tri-City Council meeting. Both explained their opposition to the proposed tax increase and suggested they will not support Johnson’s request for a letter. Representatives for Dist. 1 Supervisor Gary Watson and Dist. 4 Supervisor Jean Bishop were also in attendance. Moss and Angius have voted against the county’s 2015-16 budget, but have been in the minority as Watson, Bishop and Johnson have consistently voted to move forward with the proposed budget and the associated increase in the county’s property tax rate.

Ward: It’s time to retire McCain

Dr. Kelli Ward

LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZ.—Saying 30 years in Washington D.C. has changed John McCain, State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, announced this evening that she is challenging the state’s senior U.S. Senator in next year’s primary election. It’s a race she fully acknowledges is an uphill battle.

“This is a David and Goliath battle,” Ward said before a packed crowd, referring to the classic biblical story, “but remember, David won that one.”

Until today, Ward had been merely exploring the possibility of running for McCain’s seat. She has been traveling the state to gauge the support she might receive at the ballot box and in financial backing.

During her formal announcement tonight in Lake Havasu City, Ward took direct aim at McCain on two major fronts—illegal immigration and Obamacare. She claimed his support for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ amounted to nothing more than ‘amnesty.’ She chastised him for making promises to secure the border in past campaigns, but falling short every time.

Despite McCain’s stated opposition to the Affordable Health Care Act, Ward says, the senator has worked hard to keep it funded. As an emergency room physician by trade, Ward told those on hand that she see the impact the act—informally known as Obamacare—has had on her profession and the people who have to seek treatment. She has long been a staunch opponent of Obamacare and advocates for its repeal.

While she honored McCain for his service to our country as a POW and retired Navy veteran, Ward said his time in Washington has changed him. She accused him of being a convenient conservative only during elections, but moves to the left politically once he’s back in Congress.

“We all know he’s going to move to the right,” Ward said. “He’s going to move so far to the right, he’ll be bumping into my left shoulder.”

“It’s time to retire McCain,” she added. “Arizonans deserve a senator that represents their values and that can be done by someone who is energetic, fully charged and ready to go.”
Arizona Republicans will go to the polls on Aug. 30, 2016 to choose their nominee for the general election in November.

DPS locates vehicle and driver in fatal pedestrian accident

MOHAVE VALLEY, ARIZ.– The vehicle and the driver involved in yesterday’s fatal pedestrian accident have been located, but the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) has not released their name.

“We have not identified the victim yet and the driver’s name has not been released because the investigation is on going,” said DPS Public Information Officer Tim Case in an e-mail to tv2/NEWS.

The body of the victim was found along Highway 95 between King Street and Cimarron Drive yesterday afternoon around 3 p.m. They had been hit by a car that fled the scene before police arrived. Officers located the vehicle and the driver at a residence several hours later.

Keep checking The Morning Show Facebook page as information becomes available.

Golden Valley bank robbed this morning

Authorities are looking for the man in this picture, which was captured during an robbery Monday morning in Golden Valley. (PHOTO COURTESY: Mohave County Sheriff's Office)

GOLDEN VALLEY, ARIZ.– Someone walked into the National Bank of Arizona branch in Golden Valley and robbed it. Now the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help in locating the perpetrator.

The robbery took place at around 9:30 a.m. The suspect demanded cash from a teller, but never showed any time of weapon during the robbery.

The suspect fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The suspect is described as a while male adult, approximately 5’10″, weighing approximately 250 pounds with black hair. He was wearing a white baseball cap, a gray shirt with letter of “DC” on the front, blue jean shorts and black flip flops.

The Sheriff’s Office has released pictures captured by surveillance video at the bank.
The suspect left on foot and its unknown if the suspect had a vehicle nearby.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at (928)753-0753 or Mohave Silent Witness at (928)753-1234.

Former Kingman prisoner caught with 17g of meth, Pinal County Sheriff suggesting other facilities be cautious

PHOENIX, ARIZ.– It’s nearly impossible to tell where a former inmate at the Arizona State Prison-Kingman might have gotten his hands on a large amount of methamphetamine. That’s what a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) had to say in response to reports that one of the inmates transferred to the Pinal County Jail in Florence was found 17 grams of the illegal drug during a routine check of the inmate’s cell Tuesday night.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is certain the drugs came with the inmate during the transfer. He is encouraging the sheriffs of Navajo, Apache and Santa Cruz Counties, as well as the operators of the other prison facilities that accepted the more than 1,100 inmates that were displaced from the prison in Kingman due to rioting last weekend, to be on the lookout for other inmates who may have also been in possession of illegal drugs.

Although the warning is well intended, ADC spokesman Andrew Wilder said, the fact that the inmate was in Pinal County for three days before the 31 baggies of methamphetamine were found, clouds the issue of where how and where the drugs were obtained. In any event, the inmate, Geraldo Beltran-Torres, 20, who is serving a four-year sentence for a previous drug conviction out of Maricopa County Superior Court, will be charged with additional felonies in Pinal County for the drugs that were located Tuesday night. He has a history of disciplinary action, according to records from ADC. The last incident occurred in Feb. 2014 when he was charged with disorderly conduct. Two previous infractions occurred in 2013. He was scheduled for release in Jun. 2016.

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office took 380 of the inmates from Kingman– the last of which were transferred on Saturday. Additional transfers were made this week to other county jails in Arizona. The Navajo County Jail in Holbrook accepted 50 inmates; the Apache County Jail in St. Johns took another 30 prisoners while the Santa Cruz County Jail in Nogales accepted 24 prisoners. Nine others were placed at various state-run facilities.
Wilder said, the additional 113 inmates required transfer this week after it was determined their housing accommodations at the Kingman prison were inadequate for what is expected to be a temporary, but long term situation.

Preparations for the BHC River Regatta ‘Most Spirited House’ contest are underway,

BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZ.– A very popular part of the annual Bullhead City River Regatta is on tap again for this year’s event. With only one month before the big float, city officials are prepping for the 2015 Most Spirited House Contest.

“For years, homes along the river have pulled out all the stops to welcome floaters and join in on the fun of the Regatta,” said Bullhead City Recreation Manager Dave Heath. “After the first couple of years, we noticed what they were doing and thought it would be fun if we included these revelers by formally awarding prizes for their efforts”

Prizes for this year’s contest include trophies to the top three contenders and a $1,000 cash purse. Judging will be based on three factors– creativity, which will account for 35 percent of the overall score; decorations, and spirit, which will make up half of the overall score.

Contest participants must display balloons and a banner with their physical address clearly displayed on railings and dock. Contest judges will be viewing from the Colorado River, so participants should be sure to face the address banners towards the float. Judging will take place between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the day of the float– Aug. 8.

Winners will be announced at the Official Bullhead City River Regatta Awards Ceremony at the Harrah’s Laughlin banquet room on Aug. 9, at 10 a.m. Winners must be present at the ceremony to claim their prizes. After being named the winner, homeowners must present a current utility bill and valid photo identification.

For more information about the Most Spirited House Contest, or any other aspect of the Bullhead City River Regatta, call 1-855-YaGotta (924-6882), or visit the Regatta website at

Pinal County sheriff welcomes hundreds of inmates from Kingman prison

More than half of the prison inmates relocated from the Arizona State Prison-Kingman due to rioting have moved to the Pinal County Adult Detention Center in Florence. (PHOTO COURTESY: Pinal County Sheriff's Office/Sheriff Paul Babeu)

FLORENCE, ARIZ.—A central Arizona sheriff has opened up his jail doors to accept more than half of the prison inmates who are being relocated as a result of damage done to the Arizona State Prison-Kingman complex this weekend. Rioting at the prison’s Hualapai unit left two of the five dormitories uninhabitable.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu announced via Facebook that he made arrangements to make room for the unruly inmates at his jail in Florence.

“Our Pinal Sheriff’s Office has answered their call for help and will be housing some of these prisoners on a temporary basis, until repairs can be made to the Kingman prison facility.” Babeu states in his Facebook post. “We have already helped transfer 240 prisoners last night and early this morning into our PCSO Jail.”

The transfer of additional inmates will continue today with a total of 380 prisoners expected to make the five hour journey from Kingman to Florence.

Babeu had his detention officers move several of his own inmates into other areas of the jail—specifically cells designed to hold 10 prisoners—in order to make room for the prison inmates from Kingman.

“I’m pleased to report that this operation was conducted without incident or further disturbance,” Babeu stated.

The Pinal County Adult Detention Center is the third largest county jail in Arizona, behind only the Maricopa and Pima County Jails in the metro Phoenix and Tucson areas. The facility in Florence is rated to hold more than 1,500 inmates at any one time. It’s most recent expansion was completed in 2006, which more than doubled its capacity.

In order to handle the sudden influx of inmates, the sheriff has authorized Pinal County sheriff’s deputies and detectives with previous detention experience and corrections academy training to work overtime shifts that will be needed to properly staff the jail. While it’s unknown who will be paying the tab for the added costs, Babeu is confident Pinal County will be supportive.

“The county manager and Board of Supervisors have been most supportive of our efforts to answer this emergency call for assistance,” he said.

The Arizona Department of Corrections has not identified where the remaining inmates have been moved. The state law that gives the director the authorization to move the inmates allows him to decide which public or private jail facilities to use in such an emergency.

More problems at Kingman prison, reports of National Guard involvement are untrue

GOLDEN VALLEY, ARIZ.—The trouble at the Arizona State Prison-Kingman complex continues this afternoon. While not rioting, some of the remaining inmates are giving correctional officers difficulties, prompting even more resources to be called in on this holiday weekend.

“Some of the remaining inmates in Hualapai dormitory housing units are again refusing to comply with directives this afternoon,” said Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) spokesman Andrew Wilder. He could not be more specific as to what has prompted this latest spat with the medium-security inmates that make up population of the Hualapai unit.

Additional staffing and response teams are already at the privately run prison to help quell the unrest.

Local law enforcement personnel are once again providing perimeter area support as a precaution while corrections personnel address the situation inside the unit.

What about reports that the Arizona National Guard has been activated to respond to the rioting in Kingman?

“False rumor on the national guard,” Wilder said. “No truth to it.”

Of the inmates assigned to the Hualapai unit, 700 of them have been relocated to other prisons and jails throughout Arizona. ADC will not release the locations of those new facility for safety reasons, however, the statutory authority given to the director of the ADC allows him to utilize county jails, if necessary. There has been no word on whether any of the inmates were transfer to the Mohave or La Paz County jails.

The transfer was necessitated by rioting that occurred last night at the Hualapai unit, which ADC officials claim was not related to the disturbance at the Cerbat unit on Wednesday.

So far, nine correctional officers have been injured during the melee. All of them were minor injuries, but some that required treatment at Kingman Regional Medical Center.

Riot at Kingman prison forces relocation of 700 inmates

GOLDEN VALLEY, Ariz.—This time, the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is calling it a riot, and the decision has been made to relocate 700 inmates to other facilities throughout Arizona.

Police from throughout Mohave and La Paz Counties were called in to assist in the riot last night.

ADC Department director Charles Ryan has involved various sections of state law that allow him to order the reassignment of prisoners to other public or private facilities. ADC has confirmed that county jails could be used to house some of the inmates, but it’s unknown at this time if any of the inmates are being house at the Mohave County or La Paz County Jails.

On Wednesday, inmates at the Arizona State Prison-Kingman, a private facility operated by Utah-based Management and Training Corporation (MTC), participated in a major disturbance in the minimum-security Cerbat Unit. The incident was sparked while several of the inmates were in the east yard of the facility. ADC spokesman Andrew Wilder said, a small group of inmates had been chasing a single inmate around the yard, which ultimately required corrections officers to step in. A total of six officers were injured while trying to gain control of the situation, five of which were treated at Kingman Regional Medical Center.

The following night—Thursday—inmates at the medium-security Hualapai Unit engaged in rioting, which the ADC claims was unrelated to the incident in the Cerbat unit. Thursday’s rioting resulted in severe property damage.

According to a ADC news release, the prison is secure and the situation is under control. All employees and inmates are safe and accounted for. However, since two of the five housing units are uninhabitable, inmates will have to be relocated in accordance with the statute.

Pursuant to A.R.S. Section 41-1609(E)(2), and following notification of Governor Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Ryan invoked his statutory authority to house inmates in either an existing public or private institution.

During the two incidents, a total of eight prison staff were treated for minor injuries and released from KRMC.

The private prison at Kingman will remain on lockdown status until further notice.